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EcologyFund Destinations

Causana Viajes

Causana Viajes specializes in natural history, birdwatching, flora, and nature photography both in Argentina and Chile. Causana's clients travel with a purpose: to see, experience and appreciate the natural enviroment and cultures. As expert naturalists, Carol, Carlos and a selected group of naturalist guides offer trips through Causana.

Trips range from four days to three weeks and focusing on different aspects of Patagonia, including Peninsula Valdes (recently declared a World Heritage Site), a journey through Patagonia from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic, the Fitz Roy massif (recognizable as the emblem on Patagonia clothing), glacier tours and more!


  When you book and mention Ecologyfund, 1/2 of the commission is paid to the Rainforest Trust to help buy the Esperanza Reserve on the Patagonian coast.


CLICK HERE to visit the Causana Viajes site

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