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Welcome to EcologyFund Destinations. We've partnered with leading travel providers from around the world to help you visit the areas that you and EcologyFund are working to protect. In addition, when you make travel plans through us, your trip will help protect the area you're visiting!
Imagine a trip to the incomparable Amazon Basin, where your purchase of a round-trip plane ticket protects one-half acre of the Basin, where your purchase of a backpack for the trip protects another half-acre, and where your one-week stay at the spectacular Yacumama Lodge protects over 10 acres! Where else can you protect the wilderness just by going on vacation?

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[ Image, Park ] Find a park anywhere in the world through L.L. Bean's Park Search.
[ Image, Hiker ] Get a detailed description of any American Wilderness area through

[ Image, Topo Map ]
If you would like topo maps of a wilderness area, they are available from the US Geological Survey at (888)ASK-USGS or (7.5-minute quads cost $4.)

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