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  August 29, 3:54 pm CT  
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A Tent With a View

The aim of A Tent With a View Safaris is to bring together experienced guides with nature lovers who wish to enjoy the wilderness of Tanzania- where more land is allocated to wildlife conservation than anywhere in Africa. With you we will seek legendary, seldom-visited regions where the presence of great numbers and variety of wildlife sharpen the senses to the thrill of Africa in its purest form.

A night around the campfire, surrounded by the lion-leopard-zebra-hyena-jackal-elephant-bird-insect chorus of darkness, will be in itself an unforgettable experience. Daytime on foot, by boat, or in our safari vehicles, you will be stirred by the inspirational, sometimes humorous, and often dramatic spectacle of the world's most epic natural pageant.

We make every effort to recapture the Africa of traditional tented safaris as they were meant to be. Our journeys will never intrude, our movements will always be discreet, so that eyes sensitive to Africa and hearts open to Tanzanian romance may enjoy the same natural East African vistas that inspired Carl Jung to write: "This was the stillness of the eternal being, the world as it had always been."


  A commission is paid to Ecologyfund if you tell Tent With a View that you found out about them through EcologyFund. Please also contact EcologyFund when doing so.


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