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EcologyFund Destinations
Amazon Basin
Yacumama Lodge

Nestled in the middle of the Peruvian jungle, Yacumama Lodge is home to your ultimate rainforest adventure.

With the perfect complement of personal comfort and wilderness experience, Yacumama Lodge piques your senses and expands the edges of your world. Located on the Yarapa River´┐Ża tributary of the upper Amazon´┐ŻYacumama exposes you to an area of Peru known for its biodiversity. Meet the exotic as you travel rivers with pink dolphins, and hike winding trails to the calling of brilliant birds.  
  A commission is paid to Ecologyfund if you contact EcologyFund before booking. 1/2 of that commission will be sent to the Rainforest Trust to protect additional Amazon rainforest.

5 stars
"If jungle lodges had star ratings, Yacumama would have five stars shining over its thatched roof entrance, shining as brilliantly as those seen overhead at night."
Joan Gonzales, TravelWorld News
Yacumama Lodge


  • A 220-mile Amazon River cruise
  • Access to the rain forest canopy and exploration from our 115 ft. jungle tower and skyway system
  • Rest and adventure in the most remote lodge in the upper Amazon
  • The beauty of pristine natural forests, rivers, and lakes
  • Exposure to abundant wildlife, including Amazon pink dolphins
  • Lodging in our river-front lodge with private, thatched bungalows
  • The comfort of staying in an Eco-operated environment with solar power, recycling, flush toilets, composting and organic farming
  • Opportunity to participate in optional canopy, camping, fishing and birding expeditions

CLICK HERE to visit the Yacumama site

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