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EcologyFund for Kids: Contests

The winner of the November 2000 contest has been selected!

Here is our winner:

Thick Billed Parrot
Click here to see a larger version

Submitted by:
Canton, MA
Grade 6

The answer was:
Thick Billed Parrot

The clue was:

Based on the following clues, identify this mystery animal and send us a drawing (see contest rules below). We will post the winning drawing with the artist's first name, town, state, and grade on the site:

  1. I am an endangered animal.
  2. I eat pinecones, juniper berries, and acorns that I find in the forest.
  3. I used to live in Arizona, New Mexico, and Mexico, but now you can only find me in the wild in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico.
  4. The number one threat I face in the wild in the destruction of my native habitat due to logging.
  5. My body is bright green, and my forehead and wings are covered with dark red patches.

* Hint: You can find a picture of me in one of the "More Information" sections on the main part of the EcologyFund site.

Our next contest will be announced soon!

Contest Rules and Restrictions:

  1. If possible, please send us a scanned copy of your picture with the answer to: [email protected]. Otherwise, please send us the original drawing. If you would like to send us a disk or a hard copy of your drawing, please send it to: Contests@EcologyFund, 216 E. Huron Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104. We will be unable to return any submissions.
  2. Include only your first name, town, state, and grade with your entrance. Please do not send us any other personal information.
  3. Contest restricted to participants 14 years of age and younger.
  4. We will pick the best drawing from the submissions with the correct answer as the winner.

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