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  July 1, 7:51 pm CT  

Project Totals
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Total Land Saved
 2,955,859,672 sq. ft.
 67,857.2 acres
 27,142.9 hectares
 106.0 sq. miles

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Overall Group Winners

These are the 10 groups with the highest donation totals overall. These totals are always current.

Seti@Netherlands 67,750,540.3     Clubs and Fans
Care Bears 24,069,042.5     Businesses
DSL Reports Ecology 23,845,056.4     Clubs and Fans
Dutch Power Cows 19,892,259.4     Clubs and Fans
Knights Who Say Ni! 8,759,031.8     Clubs and Fans
Michelle Kwan Fans 7,962,010.3     Friends & Families
John Denver Remembrance 6,504,820.1     Clubs and Fans
One Planet 4,606,290.2     Friends & Families
GVdD-team 3,816,630.2     Other Organizations
Rynes Family & Friends 9,451,352.6     Friends & Families

We would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to get involved in EcologyFund's group donation program. We are very excited that so many people chose to take part, and plan on bringing some new stats and updates to the competition in the near future! So use Tell a Friend right now, and get your friends to sign up for your group!

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