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 76,961.3 acres
 30,784.5 hectares
 120.3 sq. miles

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Special Donations
Donate up to 730 square feet when you visit five sites below!

Visit great sites, and donate wilderness land when you do! It's easy. Just click on banners and visit sites of interest in the section below, and you will donate land to all EcologyFund projects.

Donations on this page range from 35 to 160 square feet per site visited.*

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*The rates advertisers pay for banner clicks differ, so the exact amount you donate will depend upon the banners you click


Special Donation Opportunity Totals
If you are registered on EcologyFund, please note that these donations will not appear as part of your individual donation total. This is not a service that these sponsors can currently provide. Our special donation totals are updated when we receive information from the advertisers. We also add these totals to our main Donation Totals column when they are updated.

If you are not registered on EcologyFund, please register now and we will donate an additional 500 square feet of land in your name. Your name and email address are all that is required. We respect the privacy of our clicking public, and use this registration service only as a way of keeping you updated about EcologyFund projects and your donation efforts.

In order to help defray some of EcologyFund's operating expenses, 25% of the revenue generated on this page will go to help cover our operating costs. We want to help you donate as much wilderness land as possible, and meeting our costs allows us to do that! EcologyFund does not take any portion of revenues as profit. The revenue generated from this special donation opportunity will be distributed equally among our projects. Just remember: Visit only sites of interest to you. Only one visit per site may be counted each day.

*No endorsement by EcologyFund of the businesses advertising on this page is either expressed or implied.

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