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On March 16, 2001 EcologyFund was featured in an article discussing charity web sites on The Next Best Thing. The New York Times had great things to say about EcologyFund and click-to-donate sites in December 2000. Ecologyfund was the first listing in "Links Worth a Visit" in the 10/27/00 issue of the Guardian's The Editor magazine.

On October 10, 2000 EcologyFund was featured in the Boston Globe's Health/Science section. On July 19, 2000 EcologyFund was part of ENN's News Bytes. EcologyFund was featured in the Detroit News in March 2000 and in May 2000.

Recent stories and press also include's Earth Day 2000 "web resource" feature of EcologyFund, the Hartford Courant (June 2000), the Metro Daywatch section of the Chicago Tribune Internet Edition (May 2000), Information Week Magazine (June 2000), Outdoor Explorer Magazine (June 2000), The Chronicle of Philanthropy (March 2000), CNNfn--The Financial Network's Business Unusual show (May 2000), and on CKLW 760 in Windsor, Canada (May 2000). has been mentioned in numerous publications and broadcasts since the Thomas brothers started it in 1998. These include: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, The Chronicle of Philanthropy and Kiplingers' Business Report.

Press Releases
10/29/02 - "Natsource's Environmental Action Desk to Donate Pollution Credits..."
05/08/01 - "Visitors to innovative Internet site protect over..."
04/24/01 - " Announces New Pollution Reduction Section"
02/14/01 - " Thanks Contributions of Sponsors, Non-Profit..."
02/02/01 - " Announces Two New Conservation Projects & Faster..."
01/29/01 - " Joins Europe's Largest Conservation..."
11/30/00 - " Launches Campaign to Establish New National Park..."
11/14/00 - "EcologyFund Joins Kentucky Natural Lands Trust..."
10/02/00 - "...100 Million Square Feet of Threatened Wilderness Land Saved"
08/23/00 - "Rainforest Trust Secures Patagonia Wild Lands..."
08/09/00 - "New Conservation Campaign to Save 75,000 Acres of Cascade..."
07/19/00 - " Announces Partnership with Pronatura..."
07/14/00 - "Web Surfers Make Saving Land with Part of Their..."
06/01/00 - "...Visitors Make Free Donation of 1/4 Acre of Wilderness Each Month"
05/18/00 - " Announces Partnership with Nature Conservancy..."
04/06/00 - "Visitors to Save Their First Square Mile..."
03/28/00 - "Nature Triumphs! Named Cool Site of the Day"
02/14/00 - "New Website Lets People Click to Preserve Wilderness Areas..."

 Project Press Info

On February 16, 2001 the The Seattle Post-Intelligencer ran a story on the 640 acres of land donated to the Forest Service in the Cascade Range. The joint effort between Pronatura and the Nature Conservancy to purchase land in the Cuatro Ciénegas of Mexico, was highlighted on the Environment News Service on November 30, 2000.

 Partner Press Info

The Wilderness Land Trust was featured in Forest Magazine's article about wilderness inholdings (Nov. 1999) and in Alpine Living (1998).

The Rainforest Trust has been featured in numerous articles and broadcasts about their successful campaigns to protect rainforest and critical habitat in Belize, Costa Rica, The Philippines, and South America. In August 2000, the Environment News Service highlighted the Rainforest Trust and EcologyFund's joint effort, and the downpayment that was placed on 20,000 acres of Patagonia Coastal Steppe land in Argentina. Other recent stories have appeared in Nature, Geographical, and on BBC Wildlife.

The House and Senate recently finalized the Interior Appropriations Bill language that guarantees Washington State $8.65 million in 2001 to permanently protect 4,700 acres of critical forestland in Washington's Central Cascade Mountains. Read more about it on The Cascades Conservation Partnership web site.

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