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EcologyFund for Kids: Earth Links

We have searched for fun, kid-friendly links to make it easier for you to have an impact on your world. These sites include educational sites, zoo sites, and youth organizations that help kids around the globe work together for the environment.

Earth Links

Aza's Web
Azasweb.comDo you care about your planet? A new Web site is inviting kids of all ages to share their thoughts about nature with the American Zoo and Aquarium Association (AZA) in a Global Opinion Poll. While you're there, you'll also meet Aza, the official spokescritter of AZA. Visit and make sure your voice is heard!

Amazon Interactive
Online games and activities about the Amazon and indigenous ecotourism development. Find out how rainy the rainforest actually is, and who lives there. Learn about indigenous agriculture in the rainforest. Play the ecotourism game.

Planet ARKive
A site that is for children aged 7-11, and designed to make life science learning and environmental education a widely enjoyable experience. It fits in especially well with learning about living things in their environment, the habitats and ecosystems of the world. It is free and fun to use.

Kids Go Wild
Fun site for kids sponsored by Wildlife Conservation Society. Site includes weekly updates of Wild News, Animal Facts, a Wild Arcade, and the Conservation Kids Program.

The Wild Ones
Wildlife Preservation Trust International sponsors the children's education project, The Wild Ones, which includes 2000 mentor teachers in 30 countries. The organization produces The Wild Times, a student newsletter. The site includes ideas for projects and lesson plans, allows schools to communicate with other member schools, and post art work and projects. In addition, there is an animal index and a scientist index where kids can email the experts with their questions. The Wild Ones' audience is made up of 7-14 year olds. The site is offered in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.
The Wild Ones

Tiki the Penguin
Tiki the Penguin is making the world a kinder place for everyone with this web site. brings you this special kids channel to educate children on global issues.

Arctic Refuge Wildlife Coloring Book
The Wilderness Society's online coloring book. Choose images of Caribou, Grizzlies, Wolves, and other Arctic wildlife... then, print them out and color them however you'd like.

Kid Territory at the San Diego Zoo
At this site, you can find fun science experiments you can perform at home, recipes, and games. You can also submit artwork and writing samples, and find information on animal husbandry, conservation, and other zoo-related topics. Go to this site to meet zoo staff, ask questions, and send feedback.

Raintree Nutrition
Need help writing a report on the rainforest? This site includes links to help you with your research, including information on what you can do to help preserve the rainforest.

Learning for a Sustainable Future
This Canadian-based site publishes International Youth Magazine where kids can take action, participate in interactive online activities, and communicate with other kids. This site is offered in French and English.

* Unless specifically stated, these sites do not endorse EcologyFund.

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