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The Project: Patagonian Coastal Steppe
[This project has been completed]

The Patagonian Steppe of Argentina is one of the largest single habitats in the world. It has several distinct parts including the coastal steppe that stretches 3000 km (2000 miles) and includes some stunningly beautiful coastline, very little of which is currently protected.

There are now over 25 sea lions on the Esperanza Reserve's beach, including at least 7 pups!
The property being purchased is located on the Golfo San Matias, north of the famous Valdes Peninsula. The Gulf is the main breeding ground for the southern right whale, which often comes within a few yards of the shore, and has large populations of sea lions, elephant seals, and penguins.

The Esperanza Reserve was a sheep estate, but there are large numbers of wild animals on the 17,000 acre (7,000 hectare) estancia, including guanacos (wild llamas), Patagonian foxes, maras (Patagonian hare), puma, burrowing owls, nesting peregrine falcons, flamingos, hairy armadillos, rheas (large flightless birds resembling a small gray ostrich), and burrowing parrots. The Rainforest Trust is raising money to purchase this property and build a small environmentally friendly eco-tourist hotel that will make the Reserve self supporting. The local government and local conservation organizations are actively involved, and if enough money is raised, additional lands can be purchased.

For More Information:

An article on Patagonia by EcologyFund founder, Tim Kunin:
The Esperanza Reserve - Reflections on a trip to Patagonia

[ Picture, Bird ]

[ Picture, Sea Lions ]

Patagonian Coastal Steppe -Guanaco


Causana Viajes - Book a Trip and donate land!
Causana Viajes
is a full service travel agency run by naturalists which specializes in natural history, birdwatching, flora, and nature photography in Argentina and Chile. See penguins, whales, seals, and guanacos while visiting Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego, Torres del Paine, and the Andes
When you book and mention Ecologyfund, 1/2 of the commission is paid to the Rainforest Trust to help buy the Esperanza Reserve on the Patagonian coast.

Orca attack!

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