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Total Land Saved
 3,352,435,274 sq. ft.
 76,961.3 acres
 30,784.5 hectares
 120.3 sq. miles

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South American Rain Forest
Guatemalan Brook Frog - Copyright Robin Moore
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  Protect endangered mammals, amphibians, repties, and birds in the Sierra Caral forest of Guatemala. Plus help protect the Rift Valley in Kenya and Tanzania

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Rainforest Trust
Reduce Pollution
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  Reduce atmospheric CO2 by visiting websites. This allows EcologyFund to plant trees in the monarch forest & purchase pollution credits to reduce atmospheric CO2.

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La Cruz Habitat Protection Project
Protect Endangered Species
Project Wildcat: Help Save Jaguars
Jaguar of Sonora Mexico
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  Help establish a wildlife corridor in Sonora, Mexico to save and protect the endgangered jaguar population.

Save 4.8 sq. ft. for FREE! & Primero Conservation
United States Wilderness
Palmyra Atoll w/ 16,000 acres of reef
© J.E. Maragos
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  The last intact marine wilderness in the US tropics with millions of seabirds & 130 coral species.
Western U.S. Wilderness
U.S. Wilderness
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  Help protect and secure the James Peak Wilderness and Yolla Bolly-Middle Eel Wilderness.

These projects are no longer active.

Coastal Habitat
Patagonian Coastal Reserve
Sea Lions
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  Buy reserve for guanaco, puma, maras, peregrine falcons, burrowing owls, & parrots; w/ 8 mile beach for penguins and sea lions.

This project has been completed.
Rainforest Trust
Plant Trees/Monarch Butterflies
Monarch Butterflies
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Plant a tree in Mexico for each FREE offer that you try. Help reforestation of the winter home of most North American Monarch butterflies.

This project is no longer active.

La Cruz Habitat Protection Project

Plant Trees/American Chestnut
Chestnut Tree
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Help plant an American chestnut w/ ea. click. Once a dominant tree in East U.S., blight-resistant chestnuts are being bred on research farm.

This project is no longer active.

American Chestnut Foundation

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human population
natural habitats
natural habitat per capita
Counters courtesy of Fondo per la Terra (Earth Fund) What are these?

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